Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a long-term care option that combines housing, supportive services, personalized assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), and health care in a residential setting. Assisted Living facilities in New Mexico are licensed by the State Department of Health. Seniors who choose assisted living receive assistance tailored to their needs, and benefi ts that enrich their lives and promote dignity, independence, and well-being.

Assisted living is part of what is called “continuum of care,” providing more service than one would find in independent living situations, and less intensive (and expensive) service than one would fi nd in a skilled nursing facility. Assisted living facilities emphasize the right of the resident (and his or her family) to choose the setting for care and services. Assisted living residents share the risks and responsibilities for their daily activities and well-being with a staff geared to helping them enjoy the freedom and independence of private living.  > National Center for Assisted Living website (