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About Namaste House Assisted Living in Farmington

About Us

Alana Carver Labrum, the owner and manager of St. Michael’s Namaste House, is a Registered Nurse who has been working to provide exceptional healthcare to adult patients in New Mexico for over 25 years. Originally licensed as an LPN, her foundation is in long-term care, as is her passion for a health care (HC) approach which nurtures all aspects of the client – mind, body, culture and spirit. She believes that each individual brings special gifts and wisdom to their families and to our society. As a geriatric, wound care, infectious disease and hospice nurse she has been blessed to see the continuum of healthcare through employment in LTACHs, SNFs, northern NM homes, out-patient clinics and hospitals. Deep insights, gained through her experience, fuel a desire to do what she can to be the change that she seeks. Holistic care, throughout the last stages of life is particularly challenging, but highly rewarding.

Alana has been studying the state regulations, philosophy and programmatic logistics of the assisted living option for aging persons since 2008. However, due to family obligations, such as children in college and spousal medical problems, she had yet to put her dreams into action, until now. Once Covid 19 began to sweep through NM, she returned to the acute care setting to respond to the highest need of her community. After recovering from Sars CoV2 infection herself, and the death of her beloved husband in 2021, she has become even more passionate about enriching the care of those at the end of life and protecting the elderly from both the expected and unintentional effects of the pandemic. She has become acutely aware that our elderly and other vulnerable populations need more compassionate, respectful, personalized and attentive care, especially now. With that knowledge, she resolved that her next career move would be one of altruistic intent, born out of her vision for a higher good for the community.

Our Mission

The mission of Namaste House Assisted Living is to provide respectful, compassionate, and competent care for the elderly in a comfortable, homelike setting. We assist the residents in retaining their independence and dignity to the fullest extent possible.

Our Philosophy

Namaste, (Na-ma-stay), is an ancient Sanskrit greeting of mutual respect and reverence for life. Namaste, therefore, perfectly sets the tone and intention for our assisted living home.

While under our care or on our premises, every resident, family member, staff member and community visitor are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Residents are encouraged and supported in maintaining maximum independence, choice, and dignity as they are assisted by house staff in the activities of daily living.

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